Sofia, 28 February 2023 (TDI): Bulgaria held a Cultural and Tourism Forum to exhibit the abundant cultural and tourism resources of two major Chinese cities, Beijing and Ningbo.

The Cultural and Tourism Forum was a resounding success, showcasing the depth and breadth of China’s cultural tourism resources and reinforcing the importance of international cooperation in promoting mutual understanding and friendship.

The delegations from the two cities and representatives from Bulgarian businesses and institutions attended the event. They also signed several agreements to further cooperation between China and Bulgaria to facilitate travel services.

Given that, the forum emphasized the importance of culture in strengthening international cooperation and facilitating two-way communication.

The Chinese Ambassador to Bulgaria, Dong Xiaojun, remarked that “culture is a bridge that strengthens friendship.”

Therefore, tourism serves as a window for people to learn about foreign cultures and the world. Dong expressed China’s desire and confidence in strengthening international cooperation in the field of cultural tourism.

On the flip side, Mariela Modeva, Bulgaria’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, acknowledged the importance of cultural tourism in deepening bilateral cooperation and understanding between countries.

Furthermore, she expressed her Ministry’s commitment to strengthening mutual dialogue with China in the field of tourism and expanding joint initiatives.

Modeva emphasized her eagerness to work closely with her Chinese counterparts to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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Thus, the event highlighted the cultural and tourism offerings of Beijing and Ningbo. Beijing, China’s capital city, boasts a rich history and cultural heritage that draws millions of tourists each year.

Also, Ningbo, a coastal city in eastern China, is known for its scenic natural beauty and cultural landmarks.

Above all, the event marked a new chapter in the cultural and tourism exchange between China and Bulgaria. and laid the foundation for further collaboration in the years to come.