Brasilia, 7 September 2022 (TDI): Brazil commemorated the 200th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence, on Wednesday. Exactly two centuries ago, on this date in 1822, Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.

History of Brazilian Independence Day

The Portuguese arrived in Brazil in 1500, and Pedro Alvares Cabral claimed Brazil as a Portuguese colony. In 1532, Sao Vicente was founded as the first permanent Portuguese settlement, and in 1549, Salvador became the country’s first capital.

The Portuguese king ruled his vast empire from Rio de Janeiro, beginning in 1808. After the conclusion of the Independence War in 1822, Brazil declared its independence and ceased to be a Portuguese colony, becoming the Brazilian Empire.

Importance of Brazil Independence Day 

From the 16th century, Brazilians chafed under Portuguese dominance. As part of a monarchy controlled by King Dom João VI, Brazil was just one more colony ripe for exploitation.

By the 1820s, colonists were prepared to cast off their Portuguese fetters. During Independence Day, Brazilians commemorate the long struggle for freedom with countless celebrations.

Every color of the rainbow can be seen reflected in Brazilian families. The history of Brazil is reflected in the dark skin of slave ancestors, the fair skin of European descendants, and the red and brown coloring of those with indigenous Indian ancestry.

On Brazil’s Independence Day, Brazilians of every hue and background come out to celebrate their love of freedom. It is also a day to recognize Brazil’s cultural diversity as a singular treasure.

Independence Day celebrations

During the day, the holiday is commemorated with military parades and patriotic performances, while fireworks light up the night sky.

Furthermore, the national celebration is hosted on the Ministries Esplanade. The Brazilian President also attends the celebration and leads the civil-military parade as well.

Thousands of Brazilians gather in the streets to celebrate the day by waving flags and banners, singing, dancing, playing football, and engaging in other outdoor activities.