Brussels, 10 February 2022 (TDI): Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), Boris Johnson met with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg to discuss the situation on Ukraine’s border.

Prime Minister held a joint press conference with General Secretary NATO, after the meeting. Boris Johnson and Secretary-General NATO discussed the diplomatic efforts of NATO over the Ukrainian crisis.

The two encouraged Russia to engage more in diplomatic dialogues and to move the troops away from Ukraine’s border, according to the tweet by the ‘‘UK Prime Minister’s Office.’’

British Prime Minister proposed sending out more warships to Eastern Europe and to increase the number of UK fighter jets stationed in southeast Europe in order to provide support to the allies in the region and to bolster the UK’s commitments to NATO.

UK Prime Minister and General Secretary NATO agreed to continue to cooperate with all NATO allies to find a diplomatic solution for the military crisis at the Ukraine border.

The Prime Minister Said, “Without continued pressure on Russia by all NATO members, he feared for European Security and Stability.’’

Earlier today, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss visited Moscow to meet the Russian Foreign Minister. During her meeting with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, they discussed the military crisis at Ukraine’s border with the diplomatic dialogue in a peaceful way.

According to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, she had delivered a clear message to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that Russia must de-escalate, respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and engage in meaningful dialogues.

She also stated that if Russia is not having any intentions to invade Ukraine, then Russia must withdraw its troops from the Ukraine border as the Russian military build-up is an undeniable threat to Ukraine.

According to the statement by the Delegation of the Republic of Poland to NATO, they are consistent, resolute, and stand in solidarity against any aggression. Moreover, about 350 UK troops have arrived in Poland to support NATO’s allies on the eastern side.

Meanwhile, Josep Borrell, Vice President of the EU Commission replied on behalf of the EU member states to the letters they received from the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov that tensions and disagreements must be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.