Vienna, 24 May 2023 (TDI): At the Vienna Diplomatic Academy, the Embassy of Pakistan in Vienna joined hands to host an engaging book presentation for “The Security Imperative: Pakistan’s Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy,” a captivating work authored by former Ambassador Zamir Akram.

The event attracted Vienna-based ambassadors, esteemed members of the diplomatic corps, as well as faculty members and students from the Vienna Diplomatic Academy.

Opening the event, Emil Brix, Director of the Vienna Diplomatic Academy, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. Ambassador Thomas Hajnoczi, a former Austrian diplomat with notable experience as Austria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, including the Conference on Disarmament, skillfully moderated the subsequent discussion.

The Security Imperative: Pakistan's Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy

With an enlightening foreword by Lt. General Khalid Ahmed Kidwai, the founding Director General of Pakistan’s Strategic Plans Division, “The Security Imperative,” meticulously delves into the origins, underlying reasons, and the evolutionary path of Pakistan’s nuclear deterrent capability.

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Furthermore, the book “The Security Imperative: Pakistan’s Nuclear Deterrence and Diplomacy” offers invaluable insights from a practitioner’s standpoint, shedding light on Pakistan’s astute diplomacy that played a pivotal role in acquiring the nuclear deterrent capability.

A compelling argument put forth by the book is that Pakistan’s pursuit of nuclear deterrence stemmed not from ambitions of prestige and great power, but rather from the acute, evolving security challenges it faced.

Ambassador Zamir Akram, a distinguished veteran of the Foreign Service of Pakistan, presented the book, sparking interactive and candid discussions with the audience.

The topics covered not only the historical and multifaceted aspects of Pakistan’s strategic nuclear program but also the pressing regional and global security challenges. Participants explored effective responses to these challenges within the framework of the UN disarmament machinery.

Having served as Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN and international organizations in Geneva, including the Conference on Disarmament, Ambassador Zamir Akram brings extensive experience in arms control and disarmament diplomacy. Presently, he serves as an advisor to the Strategic Plans Division.

Ambassador Aftab Ahmad Khokher, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to Vienna-based international organizations, delivered the concluding remarks.

Expressing gratitude to the Vienna Diplomatic Academy for hosting the event, he expressed hope that the open exchange of ideas would foster a deeper understanding of Pakistan’s perspective on nuclear deterrence—an ability wielded with utmost restraint and a profound sense of responsibility.

He also expressed the Embassy’s anticipation of future collaborations and interactions with the Vienna Diplomatic Academy.