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Bilateral talks held between FM Wang Yi and FM Muhriddin


Dushanbe: July 14, 2021 – (TDI):  Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi held a meeting with the Tajik foreign minister Sirojiddin Muhriddin in Dushanbe. The Chinese Foreign Minister is on an official 5-day tour to Central Asia.

Wang Yi informed and briefed the press that he had in-depth productive discussions with his Tajik counterpart and also mentioned that both sides have reached a broad agreement on the importance of increasing collaboration in numerous domains in light of the changing circumstances. Cooperation in the sectors of development, security, health, and the aim of building a shared future for mankind was under discussion.

Talking about cooperation in development, FM Wang Yi said that China will open up the first Luban workshop in Tajikistan that will help and train Tajik professionals which will result in the sustainable development of the state. Wang Yi also mentioned that by using the BRI model as a construction guide both states should speed up the implementation of major cooperation projects in Tajikistan.

In relevance to the current regional situation, both sides also agreed to cooperate in the sector of security. Wang Yi said that the current Afghan situation calls for stabilizing and securing the Tajik-Afghan border along with combating extremism and terrorism for peace and stabilization in the entire region that is why China is present there to support Tajikistan.

Combatting COVID and building a health community for all, was also a part of the bilateral talks. Wang Yi mentioned that the only way to combat COVID is with solidarity. He reaffirmed that China will provide vaccines to Tajikistan and will also help Tajikistan to develop its health sector.

Both sides also mentioned collaborating on achieving the shared goals i.e. defended multilateralism, shared future for mankind, defended the international order with the UN at the core, reinforced cooperation on regional issues.

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