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Chinese Foreign Minister talks about Afghan situation in a Press conference


Dushanbe, July 14, 2021 –(TDI):  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a press conference,  talked about the current Afghan situation and peace process as the US forces are withdrawing.

On a question asked in relevance to US withdrawal and the current situation in Afghanistan, Wang Yi responded and said that China will always respect the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of Afghanistan and will also follow the principle of non-interference in Afghanistan’s internal matters.

He further added that China expects Afghanistan to build an inclusive political structure, maintain an ongoing and sound policy towards Muslims, vigorously fight terror and extreme ideas of all kinds, and engage in cordial relations with all its neighbors. He reaffirmed that China will support Afghanistan to achieve all the above-mentioned goals by always being available to communicate and coordinate with all the parties involved in the process. He said that China is also ready to act as a mediator, conduct diplomatic mediation, and provide necessary convenience for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Talking about the US’s withdrawal Wang said that the US wasn’t successful in bringing peace but now as the forces are withdrawing and that the Afghan people have learned a lot from this experience they have the opportunity to take the fate of their country and nation into their own hands.

He also highlighted the role Taliban will play in the coming times. ‘Taliban being the country’s largest military force need to show a committed attitude towards the prosperity of Afghanistan, make a firm split with all terrorist elements, and return to the mainstream of Afghan politics with the agenda of bringing peace and stability to Afghanistan’, said, Wang

To stabilize Afghanistan Wang also suggested 3 main points keep in check, firstly to prevent the spread of war, particularly a full-fledged civil war in Afghanistan, secondly to restart the intra- afghan war and thirdly, to prevent various terrorist forces from exploiting the opportunity to expand in Afghanistan, and to ensure that Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorists once more.

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