Islamabad, 14 March 2023 (TDI): The International Trade and Industrial Fair in Karachi, Pakistan, featured the Belarusian National Exposition. The event was attended by the Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus to Pakistan, Andrei Metelitsa.

The National Center for Marketing and Price Conjuncture of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus organized this event.

The forum provided a venue for Belarusian companies to present their research and development initiatives and their industrial, petrochemical, diagnostic, and educational services. 20 Belarusian companies from various industries participated in the event.

The Pakistani audience responded admiringly to the Belarusian National Exhibition. It conveyed heartfelt appreciation for the goods and services on display.

Belarusian companies exhibited their cutting-edge, durable, and efficient modern equipment and technologies.

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The exhibition allowed Pakistan and Belarus to strengthen their business connections and look into new opportunities for cooperation.

Pakistani businesses were eager to work with Belarusian enterprises to explore new possibilities and increase their regional influence.

The Embassy of the Republic of Belarus expressed satisfaction with the occasion’s accomplishments and the enthusiastic reception from the Pakistani audience.

It underlined its dedication to fostering bilateral ties and promoting Belarusian goods and services in Pakistan.

Belarusian-Pakistani Business Forum

The Belarusian-Pakistani Business Forum was held on the margins of the exhibition. It aimed to facilitate dialogues and negotiations between Belarusian participants and Pakistani enterprises.

It brought together business leaders, entrepreneurs, government officials, and other stakeholders from Belarus and Pakistan to investigate and assess potential business collaborations and market opportunities.

Delegates used the platform to exchange information, personal experiences, and best practices across various industries.

They discussed agriculture, telecommunications, energy, and industry. The meeting allowed Pakistani and Belarusian businesses to connect and establish ties.

The summit fostered Belarusian enterprises to study new commercial opportunities and cooperation for the two countries to advance their economic connections.

The Belarusian National Exhibition and Business Forum at the International Trade and Industrial Fair was a stunning success. It revealed to the Pakistani audience the power and diversity of Belarusian products and services.