La Habana, 14 October 2021 (TDI): A plane full of medical supplies left Brisbane, Australia to head to Cuba on 13 October. This donation for humanitarian aid is the part of a solidarity campaign towards Cuba from Australia.

According to the Cuban Foreign Affairs Office, the donation package has 26,000 needles, expendable material, vitamins, nutritional supplements; and also other medical supplies. These supplies will help Cuba against Covid-19 and for its vaccination campaign.

Package of Humanitarian aid ready to leave to Cuba
Package of Humanitarian aid ready to leave to Cuba

The Australia-Cuba’s Business Council was in charge of the organization of the operation. The Council started in 2015. Its objective was to promote economic ties, and cooperation between Cuba and Australia.

Several companies contributed to the donation. Also businessmen, branches of the Cuba-Australia Friendship Society, were part of it. Also the Australian Foundation that works with the pediatric center William Soler, and others supported the donation.

The Cuban Ambassador to Australia, Ariel Lorenzo Rodríguez, expressed gratitude for the Australian gesture of solidarity. The donation is provided in the times of need; due to the Covid-19, and also the tightening of the blockade.