Cairo, 14 January 2022 (TDI): Argentina donated 1 million vaccines of COVID-19 to Egypt.

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The aim is to reduce the effects of COVID-19 and prevent it from spreading in Egypt.

Among other countries, Argentina wants to promote equitable distribution of vaccines to reduce the effects of the pandemic, stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, and Worship.

It was t AstraZeneca vaccines that Argentina donated to Egypt to fight against the new Omicron Variant. The Argentine Ambassador Eduardo Varela and Egypt Assistant Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Latin America Ashraf Mounir were at the international airport of Cairo to receive the shipment.

In addition, Egypt is not the unique country that received COVID-19 vaccines donation from Argentina. For instance, Bolivia, the Philippines, Mozambique, Vietnam, Angola, Kenya, Barbados, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States also received Argenitan donations of COVID-19 vaccines.

Argentina and Egypt Relationship

Both countries enjoy strong and cordial relationships. They cooperate in different areas, such as education, economy, politic, and more.

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In 1947 it is when both states started interacting in the diplomatic sphere.

First, in the educational area, the Egyptian center for agriculture offers five grants to Argentina, and the Ministry of Education and Al-Azhar offers two scholarships to learn Arabic Islamic studies.

Second, Egypt and Argentina have a strong base for coordination and cooperation in regional and international areas. For instance, they cooperate in the Group of 20 and the World Trade Organization(WTO).

Both nations are trading partners, so Egypt exports to Argentina chemicals, steel, fertilizers, and medicines. In this line, it imports mostly wheat, meat, and Paper. Argentina, on its side, is Egypt’s second-largest trading partner in South America.

Third, concerning political relations, both nations work against terrorism, the resolutions of regional and local issues in the multilateral sphere.

Finally, both nations have representatives in their respective countries. Argentina has an embassy in Cairo and Egypt in Buenos Aires.