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Amnesty International Chief criticizes Gaza aid port plans


Madrid, 14 March 2024 (TDI): Amnesty International’s Secretary-General Dr. Agnes Callamard lamented that “the airdrops, the construction of a port, are a sign of powerlessness and weakness on the part of the international community,” while addressing Gaza aid deliveries.

She criticized that “the international community must be prepared to hold Israel to account.”

Secretary-General also stated that “We’re not holding the stick that will allow for those violations to stop.”

Alternative sea routes a ‘huge concern’

Recently, President Biden has declared the establishment of a temporary port for aid delivery to the Gaza population. The port itself shall be functional after a two-month construction period.

“A huge concern is that the proposed investment into building a port and transporting humanitarian assistance via sea appears to indicate that the international community are expecting the situation to last. Why are you making an investment that is going to take two months?” Callamard censured.

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Prioritize Ceasefire and Ground-based Humanitarian Aid

In parallel, 25 human rights organizations and associated humanitarian professionals working on the ground in Gaza have reiterated the urgent need for a permanent ceasefire.

Furthermore, they have called on governments to prioritize ground-based humanitarian aid deliveries in Gaza and “to ensure full, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access through all land crossings”.

“States cannot hide behind airdrops and efforts to open a maritime corridor to create the illusion that they are doing enough to support the needs in Gaza,” they lamented the powerlessness and weakness of States in a joint statement.

Besides, “their primary responsibility is to prevent atrocity crimes from unfolding and apply effective political pressure to end the relentless bombardment and the restrictions which prevent the safe delivery of humanitarian aid.”

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Double standards of Third States

The joint statement highlighted the fragile role and double standards of Third States.

“Families are starving and do not have the time for offshore and ashore infrastructure to be constructed,” they referred to the temporary port arrangements.

“Moreover, shipments from this dock to distribution points around Gaza will suffer from the same obstacles that aid convoys from Rafah are currently facing.”

“Therefore, its establishment will not substantially change the humanitarian catastrophic situation, unless it is combined with an immediate ceasefire and full, unimpeded access to all areas of the Gaza Strip,” they further implored.

In addition, “States cannot leverage aid to circumvent their international responsibilities and duties under international law, including the prevention of atrocity crimes.”

Conclusively, “for these States to meet their international law obligations they must halt all arms transfers that risk being used in international crimes.”


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