Nairobi, 14 June 2023 (TDI): Romania Recalled Ambassador to Kenya on June 11, 2023, to Bucharest as he allegedly compared a monkey to African diplomats during an Eastern European Group meeting in Nairobi on April 26, 2023.

The racist remarks are alleged to have been made during the meeting in the UN building in the capital of Kenya in April when a monkey appeared in the window and the Ambassador compared it to the African Group.

In a tweet, the Kenyan Foreign Minister asserted that the country has been in contact with the Romanian government and the UN since the incident first occurred.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed that it was not aware of the incident and that as soon as it gained knowledge on June 8, it began preparations to recall Ambassador Dragos Viorel Tigau to Bucharest.

In addition, the Ministry strongly denounced any racist comments or actions and stressed that the Ambassador had given a written apology after the incident.

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Furthermore, the Romanian Foreign Ministry has offered its apology to all those affected by the incident and expressed the hope of maintaining strong ties with the African world based on mutual respect, irrespective of the disgraceful event conducted before.

Event Sparked Condemnation across Africa

The African countries’ representatives have denounced the comment of the Ambassador with anger and disappointment as well as considered respecting all races and cultures as a necessity rather than an option.

The practice of racial discrimination is not new. The black community has always been one of its favourite targets. Hence, for centuries Negroes have fought for freedom and equality.

As the world continues to move towards a more equal and united future, discriminatory remarks such as these are unacceptable, African leaders tweeted.

Forming an organized world and facing its challenges requires the collective efforts and mutual collaboration of all states. Racial discrimination has always been a major barrier to domestic integration and the development of cross-border relations between states.

To de-escalate conflicts, the UN and other international bodies have been working together to eliminate unjust discrimination. In this regard, UNSDG goal 10 focuses on reducing inequality and discrimination within and among countries.

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The Romanian envoy’s unacceptable action has attracted worldwide condemnation. It may have led to the severing of ties between Romania and the whole African bloc, had the Romanian government not recalled the ambassador. It is expected that Romanian ties with Kenya and other African countries will normalize after this action.