New York, 22 July 2022 (TDI): Chile’s Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), and other International Organizations in Geneva, Claudia Fuentes Julio has partnered with International Gender Center (IGC).

Ambassador Julio has therefore committed to eliminating gender barriers in international politics. In line with this, the Ambassador underlined that women’s rights and gender equality are significant in national as well as international policies.

In addition, her commitment also highlights that today’s challenges are in implementing a Feminist Foreign Policy. Especially that advocates for the “representation and the substantive presence of women in the decision-making process”.

International Gender Champions

International Gender Champions (IGC) is a leadership network that brings together male and female decision makers.

Thus the initiative was co-founded in 2015 by Former UN Geneva Director-General Michael Møller. Together with former US Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Pamela Hamamoto, and Women at the table CEO/Founder, Caitlin Kraft-Buchman.

Therefore, the network numbers about 250 active Champions. Along with 160 Alumni who are the heads of International Organizations, Permanent Missions, and Civil Society Organizations.

IGC is a network of influential people who are committed to collaborating to remove gender-based barriers.

IGC’s commitment is to connect strong female and male leadership within and between important institutions. In addition to this, the network brings about a deeper level of collaborative exchange and leverages institutional knowledge.

Most importantly, the core of the IGC work begins with the Panel Parity Pledge, the Gender-based Violence Pledge, and two personal commitments that are made by each Champion every year.

Moreover, through the Panel Parity Pledge, Champions make a commitment to no longer take part in any single-sex panels.

In light of this, the Pledge has made the notion of single-sex panels not acceptable in the hubs where IGC operates. In this way, Champions have taken the lead in raising awareness of the need to ensure gender parity.