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Ambassador Nong Rong appreciates letter from President APCFA


ISLAMABAD: 4 July 2021 (TDI)-   The Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Nong Rong thanked Mr. Ikhalque Usmani for his letter on Sunday.
The president of All Pakistan China Friendship Association (APCFA), Mr. Ikhalque Usmani penned a letter to thank China who has always stood by Pakistan in weal and woe. This letter was written in response to the letter of support from CPAFFC on the collision of two trains in Sindh earlier in June.
In his response letter, Mr. Ikhlaque Usmani said that China has always stood by Pakistan in weal and woe, and we are touched by their words of sympathy in this catastrophe.
While extended his warm wishes to China, on the occasion of the CPC centennial, he said the year is also important in terms of the completion of 70 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.
Talking about CPC leadership, Mr. Usmani said We laud the glorious history and the great achievements that China has scored under the leadership of CPC, and it will definitely move toward a brighter future and make a greater contribution to the development of human society.
Mr. Nong Rong tweeted on Sunday to express his appreciation of the letter from Mr. Usmani
 He said that Pakistan and China will continue to strengthen people-to-people bonds and build a community with a shared future.
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