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Ambassador Munir debates Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict


Islamabad, 23 May 2024 (TDI): The United Nations Security Council organized an important debate. The debate is based on the Secretary General’s recent report on “Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict”. Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Munir Akram gave insightful input at the Open Debate of the UNSC.

Firstly he stated it is 25 years since the Security Council commenced consideration of the protection of civilians in armed conflict. This year is also the 75th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions which made explicit the protections for civilians in conflict zones.


With intense resentment, he said, “We witness the wanton war being waged for the past seven months against helpless Palestinians”. Israel’s war machine has brutally killed Thirty-five thousand, mostly innocent women and children. 2 million Gazans have been displaced repeatedly.

Furthermore, humanitarian supplies have been deliberately blocked. Humanitarian workers were targeted and killed. Hospitals, schools, and infrastructure were destroyed. Famine and pestilence stalk Gaza.

Plausible Genocide

This “plausible genocide” – as termed by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – will forever remain a blot on the world’s conscience. It will haunt the perpetrators of this slaughter. It has sullied the reputation of those who were complicit in the Israeli crimes by offering impunity to the extremist Israeli leadership.

Humanitarian Violations in Kashmir

Additionally, a pervasive campaign of oppression has been underway for decades in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Over 100,000 Kashmiris have been killed. Thirteen thousand young Kashmiri boys have been abducted, and many of them mercilessly tortured.

So far, all Kashmiri leaders seeking freedom and self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir have been incarcerated. Many have died in custody under suspicious circumstances. Extra-judicial killings continue; collective punishments are frequent.

How can the UNSC contribute to ending war crimes against humanity?

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and UN bodies must redress such violations for the Kashmiri and Palestinian people.

Ambassador Munir said it is essential to address the underlying causes of these conflicts and promote political solutions. It is crucial to ensure the observance of international humanitarian law and end crimes against humanity.

The Security Council can contribute to this by holding the perpetrators of war crimes accountable. As well as halting weapon supplies to the perpetrators.

Moreover, by imposing political and legal consequences on the States and individuals responsible for these crimes.

Offering protection including through UN peacekeepers to the civilians suffering under the yoke of foreign occupation.

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The adoption of resolution 2719 (2023) was an important milestone in building credible avenues for the protection of civilians including through peace enforcement. We must build on this example of enforcement actions.

Additionally, we must build the UN’s capacity together with relevant regional organizations. Organizations can enforce peace and uphold the protection of civilians in conflict zones. Organizations will work following the principles and norms of international law, in particular, international humanitarian law

He ended his talk by saying, “Pakistan looks forward to working for these objectives within the Security Council and at the forthcoming Summit of the Future.”

Zamzam Channa
Zamzam Channa
International Relations Graduate (Gold Medal), Author at The Pakistan Today and The Geopolitical Monitor, Former Research Intern at the Center for International Strategic Studies, Sindh (CISSS)

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