Annapolis, 11 December 2021 (TDI): Ambassador of Pakistan in the United States Asad Majeed Khan had a dialogue with the international Club of Annapolis (ICA). In the meeting, the relationship of Pakistan and the US was discussed, as well as the current situation in the region.

As stated before, in the reunion Ambassador Khan and the participants talked about one hand the Pakistan and US interactions, and on the other hand the geopolitical situation of the region, in particular the conflict in Afghanistan.


Pakistan and The US  relations 

Regarding bilateral relations of Pakistan and the US, both cooperate in economic, diplomacy, health, civilian, and security areas. The current areas of work between these parties are the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, and how to deal with the security issue of the region and Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Crisis 

Since 2001 US intervention in Afghanistan, different actors have been fighting for territories in the land of Afghanistan.

Later in February of 2020, the Taliban and the US government agreed to withdraw US troops in Afghanistan. On one hand, the US pledged that they would withdraw their troops, and on the other, the Taliban would enter into a negotiation with the Afghan government.

However, the world has seen that the Taliban gain territories in Afghanistan before taking the power, and the international community is now highly reviewing the situation and preventing its escalation.

ICA History 

The International Club of Annapolis is a non-profit organization, created thanks to the help of St. Johns College in Annapolis. The St John college is a well-known establishment for its interest in international affairs. Most importantly, it is a membership-based organization and had its first meeting in 1962.

The members of the international Annapolis are people from different backgrounds in the military, business, civil arena, and government sphere. The common interest that the members have is their interest in foreign affairs. In the meeting, the dynamic is a visitor that knows a subject exchange with the members of ICA, in this case, the expert was Ambassador Khan.

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