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Ambassador Asif Durrani reveals India’s funding for TTP


Islamabad, 18 March 2024(TDI): Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ambassador Asif Durrani, made startling revelations regarding financial support from India to the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Ambassador Durrani was speaking at a consultation on “Afghan peace and reconciliation: Pakistan’s inter­ests and policy options”, organized by the Pak Institute for Peace Stud­ies (PIPS).

Ambassador Durrani presented evidence suggesting that the TTP is receiving financial backing from India through Afghan intermediaries.

Further, shedding light on the complexities of regional dynamics impacting Afghanistan’s stability.

During his address, He estimated that a significant number of TTP militants, ranging from 5,000 to 6,000, have sought refuge in Afghanistan.

When including their families, the total number rises to a staggering 70,000, posing considerable challenges for regional security.

TTP’s Reluctance and Failed Peace Talks

Ambassador Durrani attributed the failure of past peace talks with the TTP to the group’s steadfast reluctance to surrender or pledge allegiance to Pakistan’s Constitution.

Moreover, he emphasized the TTP’s refusal to face legal consequences for its egregious acts of violence, including the infamous attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar.

Pakistan’s Action & Caution

In discussions with the interim government in Kabul, Pakistan has underscored the necessity for Afghan authorities to compel the TTP to disarm, surrender, and detain its leadership.

Ambassador Durrani reiterated that the TTP’s activities represent a “red line” for Pakistan’s national security.

Additionally, Ambassador Durrani advocated for the implementation of a unified documentation system across all Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossings to address border issues effectively, enhancing trade and security interactions between the two nations.

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Political leaders, including PTI leader Ali Mohammad Khan, National Party leader Abdul Malik Baloch, and BNP-M leader Dr Jehanzeb Jamaldini, emphasized the importance of parliamentary supremacy, constructive dialogue, and a comprehensive roadmap to address longstanding issues affecting Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Moreover,retired Lt Gen Naeem Khalid Lodhi highlighted the significant impact of Afghanistan on Pakistan’s politics, economy, and security, cautioning against foreign influences on Pakistan’s Afghan policy.

His remarks underscored the importance of maintaining sovereignty and strategic autonomy in addressing regional challenges.

Ambassador Durrani’s revelations shed light on the intricate dynamics influencing Afghanistan’s stability and underline the imperative for concerted efforts to address terrorism and foster regional cooperation for lasting peace and prosperity.

The writer is a dedicated graduate student pursuing an MPhil in DSS from NDU Islamabad.

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