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Ambassador Amna to host virtual Khuli Katchehri in Belgium


Belgium, 10 February 2024 (TDI): Ambassador Amna Baloch, representing Pakistan in Belgium, has announced a significant initiative to connect with the Pakistani community residing in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Furthermore, she has been actively engaged in pivotal diplomatic dialogues at the European Union level.

On February 16, she will be hosting a virtual Khuli Katchehri (open forum) to engage with members of the community

It aims to help facilitating dialogue, addressing concerns, and fostering a stronger bond between the embassy and its citizens abroad.

The virtual khuli katchehri presents a unique opportunity for Pakistanis living in Belgium and Luxembourg to interact directly with their ambassador, sharing their experiences, grievances, and suggestions.

Such interactive sessions not only provide a platform for the community to voice their opinions but also enable the embassy to better understand and cater to the needs of its citizens abroad.

Ambassador Baloch engages with EU on vital issues

Ambassador Amna Baloch has actively engaged with the Pakistani diaspora and has also participated in crucial diplomatic dialogues at the European Union level.

On February 9 ,she met with the European Union Deputy Director General, Sante Claire Bury, to discuss various pertinent issues.

According to her, Ambassador Baloch and Deputy Director General Bury delved into discussions surrounding food safety, regulatory standards, and avenues for enhancing cooperation in plant and animal health.

Such engagements highlight the commitment of Pakistan’s diplomatic mission in Belgium.

it help to foster collaborations and address shared concerns, particularly in areas vital to public health and well-being.

As Pakistan continues to strengthen its ties with the European Union.

However,initiatives like the virtual khuli katchehri and diplomatic engagements exemplify the proactive approach of Ambassador Amna Baloch .

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The upcoming virtual khuli katchehri signifies a step forward in enhancing communication channels between the Pakistani embassy and its community members.

Reflecting the ambassador’s dedication to serving the needs of Pakistanis residing in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Through such initiatives, Ambassador Baloch aims to build a stronger sense of unity, support, and representation for the Pakistani community in the European region.


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