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Amb. Nong Rong addressed the conference program held in PU Lahore


Lahore: July 7, 2021 –(TDI): Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong, virtually via a video link attended the hybrid conference program ‘Challenges of Governance in Pakistan amid the COVID-19 Pandemic’, arranged by Punjab University today in Lahore.

Amb. Nong along with Mr. Asad Umar, Federal Minister for Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives attended the conference as a chief guest and virtually addressed the attendees in the introductory session.

In his address, the Ambassador stated that the Chinese government has stood firm in handling the COVID- 19 outbreak by mobilizing the people and also by raising awareness to meet the problem.

He further added that the Chinese government, acknowledging its global duties, had sent 450 million vaccine shots to various nations as well as vast quantities of other medical supplies to help them fight against COVID.

Talking about China’s relations with Pakistan he mentioned that the old friendlier relations of China with Pakistan have grown immensely since the outbreak of the virus. He also acknowledged and appreciated the government of Pakistan for sending medical supplies to China to help in its fight against pandemics, in the initial period of the COVID outbreak.

Pakistan has always been a trusted ally of China. During the COVID-19 pandemic, China and Pakistan have created an example of cooperation for the rest of the world to follow, said Amb. Nong Rong.

Ambassador Rong appreciated the Pakistani government’s and the NCOC’s successful anti-corona campaign. He said that excellent planning in Pakistan has not only halted the spread of the virus but has also helped in maintaining the Socioeconomic balance of the country.

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