Algeria condemns military coup in Guinea


Algiers, 6 September 2021 (TDI): The Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed serious concerns about the current coup situation in the Republic of Guinea and stated that Algeria is following the current situation in the Republic of Guinea very closely and confirms that it will comply with the principles of the African Union aimed at the unconstitutional denial of unconstitutional change, sanctioned by the 1999 Algerian Regulation and enshrined in the African Charter on Democracy and Elections and Government.

Algeria believes that these causes of this unconstitutional change require consensual solutions in a responsible dialogue aimed at the protection of sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, and respect for national unity, as well as all the results of the Guinean people. Algeria is cooperating with all member states of the African Union Peacekeeping Council in the framework of the implementation of the Constitutional Decade of the Continental Organization and related positions.

Algeria hopes that the Republic of Guinea will quickly overcome this suffering so that Algeria can renew brotherly solidarity with the Guinean people, with whom it maintains historical friendship and cooperative relations.

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