Warda Ghafoor is a student at National Defence University Islamabad, Pakistan, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations. She has a keen interest in geopolitical and geoeconomic shifts, foreign policy analysis, international institutions, the environment, and the diplomatic correspondence of countries across the world.

Ayesha Zafar is an undergrad student of International Relations at National Defence University, Islamabad. Her interests are focused on transnational contemporary events, diplomatic shifts, foreign policy models, and working of international institutions. She is also a writer who writes in the niche of Geo-politics in various news agencies.

Dr. Haktan BİRSEL – Turkey

Ayshan Jafarova – Azerbaijan

Talyn Rahman Figueroa

Zunaira Mumtaz – China

Arbab Jehangir Edhi – UAE

Dr. Nahid Malazizi -TRNC