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6th Syria’s Constitutional Committee meeting


Geneva, 19 October 2021 (TDI): The 6th round of talks of the Syrian Constitutional Committee started and it takes place in Geneva, Switzerland. The Members of the Committee have the task of preparing, and drafting the Syrian Constitution.

The last meeting of the Committee, ended without progress, in January. The Envoy of the UN has been negotiating between the parties on a way forward. Geir O. Pedersen, who is the Envoy of the UN, spoke with the journalists.

Kuzbari, Pedersen and Bahra a day before the Syrian Constitutional Committee meeting
Kuzbari, Pedersen and Bahra a day before the Syrian Constitutional Committee meeting

He stated that the two Co-Chairs agree that the Committee will prepare, and start drafting a constitutional reform. Pedersen also stated that the Committee started on Monday, the drafting process. The objective is to have constitutional reforms in Syria.

The note mentions that the UN continues to support efforts in Syria. The goal is to lead the country to a political solution, to end more than a decade of war. A war that has taken the lives of 350,000 people, and has also left 13 million people in need of humanitarian aid.


The Committee, according to the UN; was formed in 2019. 150 women, and men, comprise this group. The sectors of those 150 people are the Government, the opposition, and the civil society. This group established the 45-member small body. It consists of 15 representatives from each sector.

On Sunday, the two co-chairs Ahmad Kuzbari, and Hadi al-Bahra, met with Pedersen. Kuzbari is the representative of the Syrian Government, and Bahra is the representative of the opposition.

Pedersen told the journalists that the Committee is an important contribution to the political process. Finally, Pedersen stressed the need to come together, with serious work,  to address other aspects of the crisis.

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