Algiers, 3 November 2022 (TDI): The 31st Summit of the annual Arab Conference was concluded in Algeria, on Wednesday, after Arab leaders stressed the need to find solutions regarding issues faced by the Middle East and Africa.

The Monarchs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Emirs gathered to discuss numerous conflicting issues during a two-day gathering in Algiers.

They discussed issues like the establishment of diplomatic ties between Israel and four Arab countries as former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his far-right allies appeared to be heading to an election victory.

The closing statement was centralized on the Palestinian cause and the rejection of alien interference in matters of national and Arab regional security.

In this regard, the Algerian President said that “the summit’s handling of various regional and international challenges stems from its faith in our abilities and role in the international community as a whole.

And with each other as a single Arab body in harmony, in which we respect the sovereignty of states, their decisions, and non-interference in the affairs of others.”

The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres stressed that “the current stage requires serious action by all to strengthen Palestinian steadfastness at all political and economic levels.”

He added that the recent signing of the Palestinian reconciliation agreement in Algeria represents a step on the right path & “we all look forward to a practical translation of this agreement, & a commitment by the Palestinian factions to implement its provisions.”

In an interesting turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a message of greeting to the participants of the summit.

The message said that “Russia is ready to continue to develop interaction with the Arab League and all its members in every possible way with a view to strengthening regional and global security.”

In the end, the Arab leaders agreed to hold an economic and social development summit every four years in conjunction with the regular Arab Summit.