New York, 2 January 2022 (TDI): Pakistan’s Ambassador to UN Munir Akram recalled the important successes of Pakistan in 2021 at the global diplomatic front on the forum of the United Nations.

Pakistan continued to advocate the self-determination right of the Kashmiri people in a resolute endeavor to promote the cause of their independence from India’s encumbrances. He stated in a New Year’s greetings that Pakistan’s international diplomacy at the United Nations was successful in 2021.

2021 Successful year for Pakistan at UN
At UN 2021 was a successful year for Pakistan, spotlighting Kashmir and ECOSOC leadership
Ambassador Munir speaks On Kashmir and Disinformation

Pakistan’s Mission to the United Nations under the leadership of Ambassador Munir Akram did not miss any occasion to speak out against India’s military aggression, illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, and major human rights violations.

Pakistani Envoy revealed that they persisted to present the legal, political, and moral argument for Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. Under international law, Kashmiris have a right to resist using all methods available to them in order to achieve their fundamental right for the subject cause.

He said that this case was approved by the unanimous consensus of the General Assembly of the UN which was based on Pak–sponsored resolution to realize the basic rights and the self-determination of the people to the world. Pakistan also led against disinformation by evidence-based Pakistan-sponsored resolution which was approved unanimously.

Pakistan’s Role in ECOSOC

He denoted the successful completion of Pakistan’s Presidency in Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) which has approved the Ministerial Declaration of High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) by mutual unanimity. This also represents the conjunction on the Memo of Global Rehabilitation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Views of Ambassador for Pakistan’s Chairmanship of G-77

Pakistan being prospective Chairman of the Group of 77 (developing nations) and China, he expressed his dire determination that they are well motivated to play their pragmatic role in 2022.

That is, the redistribution of the 650 billion new SDRs to developing states, restructuring of debt, subsidized financing at large scale, conscription of $100 billion in annual climate finance by developed states, blockage of billions in illicit financial flows from developing states, retrieving of stolen assets, the establishment of an equitable & open trading system and a justified international tax regime.

Resolution against Islamophobia, Disarmament, Security, and Peace

Furthermore, Pakistan highlighted the problem of Islamophobia in the United Nations. The General Assembly accepted Pakistan’s resolution on ‘inter-religious cum inter-cultural harmony’ by a remarkable majority for the religious symbols to be respected by mentioning the justifiable constraints on the freedom of speech.

The General Assembly also approved four resolutions proposed by Pakistan on regional disarmament, conventional arms control, regional confidence-building measures, and negative security assurances.

Pakistan as one of the leading troops’ contributors to UN Peacekeeping missions, has continued to serve in far-flung missions of the world to sustain peace and security. Ambassador Akram stated that Pakistan displayed a significant commitment to the peacekeeping ministerial process.

Explication on the Course of Afghanistan

He stated that 2021 has proved to be a significant year for Pakistan regarding altruistic efforts for the peace prevalence in Afghanistan. Further, he revealed the diplomatic ambition that they accentuated to promote the critical role of Pakistan in delivering humanitarian aid to Afghanistan to secure long-term stability in the area.

Pakistan’s Advocacy for Poor Nations regarding COVID – 19

While addressing the issues faced by the poor nations, Pakistan unceasingly supported a vigorous people-centered international response to Covid-19, based on solidarity and collaboration to assist the global economic recovery for SDGs.

Lastly, Ambassador Munir Akram stated that Pakistan’s Mission at the UN has also made a strong appeal for fair and universal vaccination access with priority given to deprived and sensitive areas.