Guangzhou, 25 April 2022 (TDI): The 131st Canton Import and Export Fair took place online from April 15th to 24th co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and the People’s Government of Guangdong province and China’s Foreign Trade Center.

Besides the great festivities of the Chinese New Year, China’s Spring Import and Export Fair has a tremendous representation and recognition, globally.

It has been one of the largest most comprehensive and specialized trade displays and exhibition events globally which gives tremendous valuable presentations of international trade broadcast and distribution to overseas buyers.

The Fair allowed a professional proactive audience around the globe. It gave people an opportunity to build business relationships with big Chinese suppliers and explore new products and ideas in the Chinese market.

2022 Online Canton Import and Export Fair

At Canton Fair, enterprises displayed their products like electronics, household electrical appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles and spare parts, machinery, hardware, and tools.

As the first online and offline edition, the importers got access to all 16 products categories and 50 exhibitions making it easier for the participants to have more time accessibility and financial savings.

It strengthened the buyers’ position to expand and explore the international business environment and expansion of professional rapport.

The fair built a new platform featuring (buy from and sell to the world) which enabled the buyer companies to break the limit of time and space to share new opportunities in China’s Manufacturing Industry and Market.

Rural Revitalization zone at the Canton Fair

The rural revitalization zone had a huge impact over the past years and gained a huge popularity graph. Rural revitalization brought noticeable changes which attracts the buyer in the designated zone of Chinese flavor.

Canton Fair encouraged several high-quality food suppliers mainly in Shandong province that there is a progressive shift to promote green development in the region.

The farmers are trying to establish and lift their economy with the greenhouse techniques and green agriculture which can boost production and income.

Henceforth, Canton Fair is the ultimate online and offline gathering, being the world’s first choice for outsourcing products and components, and no wonder this is what made China remarkably incredible what it is today.

This globally recognized fair attracts more than 200,000 visitors from about 200 countries and it has around 24,000 exhibitors with the latest products, running since 1957 acclaimed as China’s largest fair. It brought in approximately 1.2 trillion dollars.

China’s Spring Import and Export Fair: An Overview

Spring Import and Export Fair is held twice a year, that is the Spring and Autumn season since 1957 in Canton (Guangzhou), Guangdong, China.

Initially, this fair was named the Chinese Export Commodities Fair which was renamed in 2007 as the China Import and Export Fair. The Fair mainly deals with the export trade business.

Although it carries the import trade facility too. Besides the import and export trade, it opens its trading avenues in the economic and technical cooperation businesses, exchanges commodity inspection, insurance, transportation advertising, and trade consultations.

China’s Spring Celebrations

The Spring Festival of China or commonly known as the Chinese New Year can be traced back to the Shang dynasty. It has prominence in the Chinese history of celebration and festivity.

This festival has a history of almost thousands of years of its existence. The holiday begins with the first day of the Lunar, Lunisolar calendar and not the Gregorian and continues till the 15th day of the month.

The spring festivity is marked as a religious cum ethnic ceremony since the ancient days in which they paid their tribute and gratitude to their ancestors and deities, and prayed for a glorious and flourishing harvest in the coming year.

The current date of celebration was not designated till the revolution of 1911. Spring Festival is marked as a cleansing spree from the evil forces and bad luck by cleaning houses to express joy and wishes to sweep away the bad luck of the previous year and start the new year with positivity.

A pair of couplets plays a novel and unique part in Chinese literature. Both urban and rural households put selective frames of couplets on both sides and on the top of the door to create a festive atmosphere.

The Chinese character fu means good luck and it is deliberately hung upside down in the center of the door which is called (fudao) whereas (duao) signifies the arrival of blessings and good fortune.

Dusting and cleaning are followed by firecrackers and fireworks to get rid of the previous year’s wrath. Last but not least, the Chinese families enjoy a meal together as thanksgiving and reunion of the families where they light the candles and burn them out in the ceremony of honoring deities or ancestors.

People are awake till late midnight to welcome Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year 2022 fell on Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 beginning the Year of the Tiger.