12 cultural relics retrieved from the US transferred to China

Cultural/Buddhist Relics that the US would be transferred to Tibet Museum,

Tibet, 28 September 2021 (TDI): China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration announced via video conference on Sunday 26th, that 12 artifacts and cultural relics reclaimed by China would be transferred to Tibet Museum, Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. This is another example of the achievement in the cooperation between China and the United States, under the UNESCO Convention.

To support the protection and use of cultural relics in the region, China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration has decided that the 12-piece group of cultural relics, artworks, and other artifacts will be transferred to the Tibet Museum. They will then be displayed during the opening of the new museum’s exhibition.

According to China’s National Cultural Heritage Administration, it was revealed in March that a group of suspected Chinese cultural relics and artworks had been seized by Manhattan District Attorney’s office in the US. On April 15, the US was sent a repatriation letter by the administration which later agreed to return the relics.

Thus, the 12 cultural artworks and relics arrived safely in Beijing on July 16. As both China and the US are signatories to the UNESCO’s Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export, and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, several boxes of cultural relics were returned from the US to China in March 2011, December 2015 and February 2019.

This is yet, another milestone of the successful cooperation between the two countries. Huo Zhengxin from the China University of Political Science and Law said on Monday, 27th September, that the effective partnership between the two countries in the repatriation of cultural goods is due to the MOU signed by the two countries in 2009. He further added, China and the US are the most important countries in cultural heritage trade and both should cooperate to protect humanity’s treasures.