New York, 31 March 2023 (TDI): UN Secretary-General, António Guterres gave remarks on Thursday (30 March 2023), at an event in the General Assembly Hall marking the first-ever International Day of Zero Waste.

“The planet is literally drowning in garbage, and it is high time to clean up”. He added. Furthermore, Guterres mentioned that trashing our planet, spewing a torrent of waste and pollution. It’s time to clean up our world — for people and the planet alike.

Additionally, the world has been struggling with environmental degradation and climate change, and reducing waste has become an urgent priority.

Further, the UN emphasized Zero Waste Day aims to raise awareness about the need for sustainable waste management practices and encourage individuals, businesses, and governments to take action.

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Moreover, the UN has called for a global war on garbage, a States are committed to doing their part. It is the responsibility of everyone who recognizes the significant impact that our waste has on the environment & should take steps to reduce our waste footprint.

Through our sustainable practices and initiatives, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) aims to minimize waste, conserve natural resources, and promote responsible consumption.

Our efforts include recycling, composting, reducing packaging, and encouraging the use of reusable products.

In addition, UNGA marked the International Day of Zero Waste, let us recommit to working together to achieve the goal of a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable planet.