New York, 17 September 2022 (TDI): The Youth Declaration on Transforming Education has been launched. It is a document prepared by young people from all over the world and was presented to the UN Secretary-General on Friday.

This declaration is the input of the youth to the Transforming Education Summit 2022. It highlights young people’s collective commitment to transforming education.

The Transforming Education Summit 2022

The Transforming Education Summit (TES) which commenced on 16 September gathered young people from all over the world on a single platform. The goal was to include the youth in the process of transforming education.

In addition, the summit aimed at gathering collective views and recommendations of the youth. The authorities then communicated these concerns and suggestions to the policymakers. They also encouraged young people across the globe to participate in shaping this document.

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The objective of this summit was to increase inclusivity, collective effort, and youth ownership in this process. Around 450,000 young people made contributions to the process globally.

Other than direct and online consultations, young people have also contributed through social media and surveys. They then submitted the outcomes to contribute to the Youth Declaration process.

Furthermore, this declaration made it clear that the youth recognizes their role as the agents of constructive change in society. It wishes to ensure systematic transformational change for long-term solutions.

It also clarified that the youth is ready to act as a partner in making educational policies and decision-making. They are ready to work with governments, civil society, and international organizations, for this cause.

According to the United Nations, It is essential to seriously consider and implement the outcomes of the Youth Declaration.