Doha, 30 August 2023 (TDI): In a significant diplomatic exchange, Dr Ahmed bin Mubarak, Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, engaged in discussions with Qatar’s Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, in Doha.

The talks primarily centred around bolstering bilateral ties and exploring avenues for collaborative growth that would be mutually advantageous to the peoples of both nations.

The meeting saw the two sides delve into various facets of cooperation. Key among them was the revival of the joint ministerial committee meeting between Yemen and Qatar, which was last held in 2013 in Sana’a.

The leaders aimed to activate political consultation mechanisms and extend increased privileges to Yemeni residents within Qatar’s borders.

Dr. Ahmed bin Mubarak hailed Qatar’s steadfast support for Yemen’s Presidential Leadership Council and its unwavering commitment to Yemen’s unity and stability.

He also expressed gratitude for the valuable developmental and humanitarian contributions made by Qatari charitable organizations to the Yemeni populace.

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These initiatives, he noted, play a crucial role in propelling Yemen’s development trajectory and mitigating the challenges faced by its people.

During the discussions, Yemen’s political and economic landscape came under scrutiny, alongside regional and international efforts aimed at quelling the coup and establishing a just and comprehensive peace, aligning with national, regional, and international consensus.

On the other side, Qatar’s Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs underscored the importance of reinforcing bilateral relations and elevating cooperation across diverse developmental domains.

The Qatari leadership reiterated its resolute backing for Yemen’s constitutional legitimacy, security, unity, and stability while lending unwavering support to endeavours geared towards an all-encompassing, equitable, and sustainable peace.

Echoing the sentiment, the Qatari foreign ministry emphasized that a negotiated settlement founded on the outcomes of Yemen’s national dialogue, the Gulf initiative, and pertinent Security Council resolutions remains the sole viable resolution to the Yemeni crisis.

Additionally, Yemen’s highest-ranking official expressed gratitude for Qatar’s persistent efforts in alleviating the suffering of the Yemeni populace, a sentiment that was shared by Qatar’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Dr Majed Al Ansari.

Dr Al Ansari reiterated Qatar’s long-standing commitment to humanitarian aid and relief in Yemen, dating back to the inception of the crisis.

Thus, he emphasized that Qatar continues to steadfastly support regional initiatives aimed at fostering stability and progress in Yemen.

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Maham Shabir
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