Moscow, 20 March 2023 (TDI): Today, China’s President, Xi Jinping met with his strategic ally Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, to discuss China’s peace plan for the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

At the Kremlin, Putin warmly welcomed Xi and said, “In the last few years, China has made a colossal leap forward.” “In the whole world, this evokes interest, and unfortunately even envy”, he added.

As expected, both sides discussed China’s proposal to make peace in Ukraine. During the discussion, Putin assured Xi that Russia is always ready for negotiation and said, “We studied your proposals on the settlement of the acute crisis in Ukraine closely.”

Moreover, Putin also appreciated China’s role as a constructive member of the international community and its efforts to build peace on the globe. He stated, “We will certainly discuss all these issues, including your initiative.”

Showing a good gesture, Putin welcomed China’s peace proposal, saying, “Of course, we will have an opportunity to discuss this issue. We know that you are based on the principles of justice and commitment to the fundamental points of international law.”

On the flip side, Kyiv has also been monitoring the proceedings of the peace plan designed by China. Regarding the peace proposal, It reiterated that for any peace plan to be initiated, it is imperative that Russia first withdraws from its territory.

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With the consistent effort of China and positive gestures from Russia and Ukraine, it would not be wrong to say, the Russia-Ukraine crisis would be resolved by engaging in dialogue as per UN charter principles. Soon, the peace will be restored.