Islamabad, 3 June 2022 (TDI): Today is World Bicycle Day, which is observed all across the world. Every year on June 3rd, World Bicycle Day is commemorated to promote the use of bicycles for transportation and environmental conservation.

History of World Bicycle Day

In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly established June 3 as World Bicycle Day every year. More than 193 member states signed the proclamation, which encouraged them to integrate bicycles into regional, international, and subnational development plans and programs.

On June 3, 2018, the inaugural bicycle day was observed. Professor Leszek Sibliski, a Polish physicist working in the United States, spearheaded a grassroots drive to encourage the UN to pass a resolution commemorating World Day.

Isaac Feld created the first UN Blue and White World Bicycle Day logo on June 3rd. Professor John E. Swanson created the accompanying animation.

World Bicycle Day aims to raise awareness about the advantages of riding a bicycle. It is a simple, clean, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Also, the bicycle contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing pollution. It improves access to education, health care, and other social services for the most vulnerable people.

Bicycling helps contribute to a long-term transportation infrastructure that fosters economic development.

It lowers inequities while bolstering people’s efforts to combat climate change. This is crucial in order to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

As a result, for over a century, bicycles have aided in the advancement of women’s rights by boosting their access to education, healthcare, and sports.

Further, cyclists benefit from a variety of physical and mental advantages. Cycling provides physical benefits such as stronger muscles and improved balance. Cycling can also aid in the reduction of stress and the improvement of mental health.

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