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World Bank’s Emergency response project in Sri Lanka


Puttalam: 29th June 2021 (TDI): World Bank in Sri Lanka has helped the covid-19 emergency response project in setting up 32 quarantine centers and to get hold of 275,900 PCR kits.

The World Bank- funded the covid-19 emergency response project in supporting Sri Lanka’s Test, Trace, Treat strategy. It is also contributing to the country’s supply of essential medical items, testing kits, and maintaining 32 quarantine centers around the country. The project is actively working to strengthen the country’s emergency response capacity. Activities involve developing selected hospitals as pandemic response centers and working towards the betterment of the local laboratory network. Not only this, but the project is addressing the social consequences of the pandemic by giving financial assistance to the vulnerable people of the society. It is done by prioritizing mental health services.

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