Male, 9 December 2022 (TDI): The President of the World Bank-South Asia, Martin Raiser paid a courtesy call to the President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih yesterday in his office.

At the meeting, issues demanding immediate attention were raised. The President of Maldives praised the World Bank for their continuous assistance to his government and the people of Maldives.

Also, he outlined certain challenging issues needing critical attention as far as the development of his country is concerned. Talking on the issues of a continuous partnership and the need to expand their relationships.

President Solih and Raiser spoke on the constructive relationship between the Maldives and the World Bank. Adding that, the World Bank’s economic management measures advice given to him and his government have gone a long way to assist them.

Emphasizing that, under the advice of the World Bank they have been able to manage their economic challenges even as the whole world is currently undergoing some form of global challenges.

In response, Martin Raiser applauded the Maldives government’s efforts in pushing economic management measures despite their unpopularity.

Stating that, for the continuous development of Maldive’s economy they must push ahead on ensuring that they manage their economy well. 

Along these lines, Martin Raiser, the President of South Asia offered the World Bank’s support to the Maldives to relieve them of these economic challenges.

Adding that, the country should consider other forms of economic development for more revenue generation and income.

Partnership deals with other countries and cooperation with multinational organizations can bring more jobs to the people of Maldives. Concluding on the note that, both partners will continue to reach out to each other in terms of any difficulties.

It is pertinent to note that, Maldives has been a long-standing member of the World Bank and has shown its commitment in all the areas of the bloc. Since the joining of the world bank and the South Asia branch they have contributed greatly to its success.

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