New York, 26 February 2022 (TDI): UNSC has moved a resolution to stop the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Notwithstanding, Russia as a permanent member of the Security Council has vetoed the resolution.

Out of 15  members 11 of them voted in favor of the resolution. China, UAE, and India remained abstained.  The United States and Albania submitted the draft and the resolution took place on February 25.

It is pertinent to note that a ‘no’ vote from one of the five permanent members of the United Nations stops the implementation status of any action put before it. In brief, the permanent members are the US, UK, Russian Federation, China, and France.

More recently, United Nations made numerous attempts to stop the war, including daily press stakeouts of the Secretary-General, three emergency council sessions, and one meeting of the UNGA.

Article 2 of UN Charter

Simultaneously, the draft resolution deplored the aggression of the Russian Federation and stated that it violates Article 2, paragraph 4 of the United Nations Charter.

Certainly, Article 2 maintains to refrain from the use of force or threat which is taken against the political independence, territorial integrity, or sovereignty of the state.

Recognition of LPR and DPR

In this regard, the draft documents reaffirmed its decision for the immediate end of Russian use of force against Ukraine along with the withdrawal of its military deployments. It also deplored the recognition of LPR and DPR.

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation recognized LPR and DPR’s sovereign status on February 21.

Normand Format and Trilateral Group

By other terms of the draft, the Council regarded the significance of the Minsk Agreement. Constructively, it also urged the parties to act in international frameworks such as Normandy Format and Trilateral Contact Group.

Furthermore, Normandy Format includes France, Germany, and Russian Federation whereas the Trilateral Contact Group includes Ukraine, Russian Federation, and OSCE.

The remarks of the representatives of different states are as under:

United States

At the UNSC meeting, the stance of the US representative maintained that her country along with Albania has tried to hold Russian Federation accountable for Ukraine. Surely, UNSC members must vote ‘yes’ if they believe the UN Charter.

Unquestionably, the US side added that a draft resolution is initiated to protect the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and core interests of Ukraine.


As per the remarks of Albania’s delegate, the future generation will witness those who supported human life and international law and those who didn’t.

Russian Federation

Along these lines, Russia’s representative pointed out that his delegation has voted against the draft resolution of the UNSC. Markedly, he said that it contravenes the core interests of the Ukrainians. Unfortunately, the people of Ukraine have been facing terrible times for eight years.

Along these lines, he further remarked that a negative vote was upheld because of what was not included in the UNSC resolution. These factors are as under;

• Ukraine faced Coup de tat in 2014. The people who secured power corridors in this unconstitutional coup shelled the people of Luhansk and Donetsk.

  • Kyiv has publicly denounced the Minsk Protocol
  • Ukraine has witnessed the course of neo-Nazism and militias which are responsible for killing the civilians
  • There are reports of the use of sniper attacks against the protestors of the Maidan

Subsequently, he asked how the UN could uphold a resolution without taking account of the above factors. In the same vein, he reaffirmed that Russian troops are not bombing cities. They don’t have the mandate to target civilians.

In response to the United States’ position, the Russian Representative emphasized that they are in no position to lecture Russian Federation on morality. Regrettably, he noted that the US itself has excelled in the number of invasions.

Lastly, he maintained that Russia is trying to achieve its objective as soon as possible. Thereafter, the people of Ukraine would be able to define their future.

United Kingdom

Albeit, the United Kingdom highlighted that a large of members voted for the resolution but a single veto stopped it. The country also suggested that the Russian stance of ‘self-defense’ in the context of the Ukraine crisis is absurd.


Nevertheless, China remained to abstain because the representative said that such resolutions require great caution. The aim of any resolution is the diffusion of crisis and not to add fuel to fire.

Thereafter, the Chinese representative stated that Ukraine should become a bridge between the West and East rather than becoming an outpost of major stakeholders.


Firstly, Ukraine’s representative thanked member states who supported the resolution. Then, In response to Russia’s representative remarks that Russia doesn’t intend to invade, the delegate added “Your response words have less value than a hole in a New York Pretzel”.

Ukrainian stance argued that Russia has violated Rule 20 of the Council’s Representative Rules of Procedure. The rule says that the UNSC president can’t preside over the issue related to its country.

Considering the current state of affairs, it stated that nothing can justify the shelling of an orphanage and a kindergarten. The side also uttered that soon International Criminal Court will receive the violations of the Rome Statute and war crimes.

Above all, it suggested that ending of way may require thousands of bodies of Russian soldiers. Therefore, thousands of Ukrainians have added to the territorial defense force which shows that Ukraine will never surrender. Besides, the side noted that Ukraine is temporarily occupied.

Other representatives

At the UN session, other representatives of Kenya, UAE, Brazil, India, Mexico, Gabon, Ireland, France, Norway, and Ghana spoke on the floor.