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WHO tips to flatten the infodemic curve


Geneva, 29 September 2021 (TDI): World Health Organization took a chance on the International Access to Informational Day to spread awareness about COVID-19 misinformation. WHO shared that everyone is exposed to information related to pandemics on a regular basis and most of it is not even reliable. To find out the difference WHO has mentioned some tips in their tweet.

WHO stated that all of this is called the infodemic which means a flood of information on the pandemic. Infodemiology is the study of that information and how to manage it.
In the same tweet, WHO has added a link to the news which explains this process in more detail. According to them, tips to flatten the infodemic curve are; Assess the Source, Go beyond headlines, identify the author, check the date, examine the supporting evidence, check your biases, and lastly turn to fact-checkers.

Information spreads like a virus so people have to fact-check the information before sharing it. Information should be accurate to the Current WHO knowledge. People have to know the difference between information and misinformation i.e. false and unauthorized information. So, checking the information before sending it to anyone can only flatten the infodemic curve.

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