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WHO delivers medical kits to Sierra Leone


Freetown, 11 November 2021 (TDI): World Health Organization (WHO) has delivered emergency medical kits to the Government of Sierra Leone. WHO sent these emergency medical kits to assist the people of Sierra Leone.


Sierra Leone on 5th November suffered from a fire disaster. A truck hit a loaded fuel tanker in a road traffic accident. It leads to a fuel leakage that bursts into flames in a crowded area. Pedestrians, passengers in vehicles were mostly the victims of this tragic fire incident. This resulted in injuries to many. Many people died in this horrendous disaster.

WHO Assistance

WHO responded by sending life-saving commodities. These emergency supplies were sent within 24 hours. The government of Sierra Leone requested the WHO authorities for urgent support to respond to the mass casualty incident.

Emergency Medical Kits

On 7 November WHO Delivered The first batch of one metric ton of the kits. Moreover, the remaining 5.6 metric tons were delivered to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation a day later.

The emergency medical kits contained medicines, fluid infusions, disinfectants, autoclave sterilizer, dressings for burns, and gloves. These commodities can treat as many as 600 people with severe burns. Along with these supplies WHO is also supporting the country through coordination. Moreover, It is providing expert advice. It has provided initial funds from the Contingency Funds for Emergencies to facilitate operations activities on the ground.  Moreover, WHO set up Medical and psychosocial support teams to care for the affected community.

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