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WFP addresses the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza


Gaza, 17 November 2023(TDI): The World Food Program (WFP) has declared that Gaza’s entire population is in critical need of food aid, with only 10% of necessary supplies entering the Strip since the conflict began.

Gaza faces insufficient food and water supplies, with only a small portion reaching the region through the borders.

World Food Program Executive Director Cindy McCain issues a hunger alert due to winter approaching, unsafe shelters, and lack of clean water. To save Gaza, humanitarian aid must be allowed to enter safely and deliver life-saving food.

World Food Program reported that the last bakery in collaboration with the organization has closed, and all 130 Gaza bakeries have had to cease production due to fuel constraints, making bread availability difficult in Gaza.

The fuel crisis severely restricts the distribution and operations of humanitarian aid, particularly food assistance, as trucks from Egypt arriving in Gaza were unable to reach civilians.

Nader Al Turk, Deputy Head of the Palestinian Embassy, stated that over 2.2 million Palestinians have been living in the Gaza Strip for five weeks without access to essentials due to Israeli forces blocking their path.

The humanitarian aid that has crossed Egypt’s borders is insufficient to meet daily demands for the Gaza Strip’s people, as medical supplies are scarce and electricity is insufficient to operate essential equipment, leading to nearly every hospital in the Strip being closed.

Nader stated that the international community must acknowledge the obvious contrast between the democratic values of Western countries, particularly the United States, and their diplomatic stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Public sentiment, particularly in the U.S., strongly supports a ceasefire, while governmental positions seem to support Israeli actions.

Additionally, 68% of Americans support an end to Gaza hostilities, indicating a disconnect between leadership’s foreign policy decisions and the American people’s will. The continued arms supply to Israel raises questions about the alignment of foreign policy with democratic principles.

Since the Rafah border gate opened, 1,129 vehicles have entered Gaza, with 447 carrying food supplies, but the volume is insufficient, covering only 7% of the population’s daily calorie needs.

Gaza’s food infrastructure is severely damaged, with only 25% of WFP-contracted stores remaining open and many running out of basic supplies.

Samer Abdeljaber, World Food Program Representative and Country Director in Palestine underscored the catastrophic turning point in the dire situation.

WFP has provided emergency food aid to over 700,000 displaced people in Gaza, with plans to increase support to over a million in the coming weeks. This is possible with consistent supply routes, secure humanitarian access, staff rotation, and increased donor funding.


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