Nairobi, 24 September 2022 (TDI): Water Organization is promoting donations for safe water conditions in Kenya. Along these lines, it shared Sarah, a native’s story.

Sarah and her kids used to spend hours each day traveling to a pond to collect water before they had access to safe water at home.

However, contributions like that of the Water Organization enable families like Sarah’s in Kenya and other countries to convert time spent into time saved.

Sarah shared that “Before we had the rain catchment, we were drawing water from beyond the river. It took nearly the whole morning.”

Water Organization solutions remove the financial obstacles that prevent people like Sarah and Steve from having access to clean water and sanitary facilities with the help of our local partners.

Kenya is a stunning and vibrant country with a heritage of hospitality and tradition, but it still faces one of the biggest problems in the world. This includes universal access to clean water.

Additionally, despite having a 53 million-person population, 28% of Kenyans still utilize unimproved water sources such as ponds, shallow wells, and rivers.

While 41% use unimproved sanitation techniques. Furthermore, these difficulties are most noticeable in rural settings as well as urban areas.

Water Organization: An Overview

The Organization helps people to get access to safe water and sanitation by managing affordable financing, for instance, small loans. Moreover, it gives people every necessity every day.

This is to empower individuals in the need of life-changing resources. It paves way for women to build hope, the health of children as well as a bright future for families.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to clean water has been more important than ever for families all around the world to maintain their health. The organization has a significant part to play in addressing the pressing need for a safer environment.