Virtual meeting of heads of Libyan Missions in African Continent


Tripoli, 7 September 2021 (TDI): The Department of African Affairs of the Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation organized the first virtual meeting with the Heads of Libyan missions in the African continent on Monday, 6 September 2021.

Fateh Bashina, Director of the Department of the African Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained that Libyan embassies, especially on the African continent and in other regions in general, are the most important tools for the success of the Libyan state’s foreign policy. He stated that the embassies are the guardians and voices of the state abroad through union and cooperation.

With that, the Director of the African Affairs Department stated that the purpose of organizing the meeting was to facilitate work, coordination, and dialogue with Heads of Missions, to protect the interests of the Libyan state, and to strengthen its presence in accredited countries. Also, the Director of the African Affairs Department expressed his ambition that this communication would provide an attractive framework for constructive cooperation and fruitful dialogue while serving key structure for maintaining and developing the achievements of Libyan embassies and overcoming obstacles to carry out the tasks entrusted to them.

Director Fateh Bashina also expressed the hope that the heads of the diplomatic missions of African countries would participate widely and expressed the hope that the results of this meeting would be in line with the ambitions of the ministry to restore prestige, sovereignty, and effectiveness of the Libyan state at the national, regional and international levels.

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