Beijing, 5 August 2022 (TDI): Following the negative statement issued by G7 and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy about Taiwan, the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Deng Li summoned European envoys of the respective countries.

He mentioned that the statement was blatantly interfering with China’s internal affairs. Its context was sending the wrong signal to the secessionists in Taiwan.

It distorted facts and is an overt political provocation that violates the one-China principle.

He further stated that China firmly opposes the G7 statement and staged a solemn representation.

The Vice Foreign Minister also mentioned that Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was a political maneuver and a serious intrusion of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Chinese concern over European reaction

Chinese Foreign Minister stressed that the US has tried to instigate an attempt to split China and escalate the cross-Strait tensions. While the European side has not dissuaded and condemned the US for its actions.

China protests over the European Union statement that “there is no change in the respective one China policies, where applicable, and basic positions on Taiwan of the G7 members.”

Chinese Foreign Minister also mentioned that this is a heavy blow to the political foundation of the bilateral relations.

Remarks of other Chinese officials over G-7 statement

The Chinese Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Mission to the EU slammed the G7 statement.

They further called this move as reminiscent of the ‘Eight-Power Allied Forces’ that invaded China a hundred years ago.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi also firmly refuted the statement. He stated that the statement confused right with wrong. The wrong deeds of Western powers have aroused the strong indignation of the Chinese people.

He also raised the question, “If we don’t pressure the aggressor but pressure the defender, where’s the justice? Where’s the basic norm for international relations?”

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