Washington 15 December 2022 (TDI): The Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Washington, D.C, on 14 December, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the state partnership between the Uzbekistan Defense Ministry and the Mississippi National Guard.

The Mississippi National Guard (MSNG) is a body of the army and air national guardsmen and women serving the Magnolia State. There has been a strong partnership with the Uzbekistan  Defense Ministry for 10 years now.

The Uzbekistan Defense Ministry continues to be one of the greatest security forces in the region. They have contributed greatly to the region’s success in terms of security. Their partnership with the MSNG has helped them to be able to stand stronger.

For the past years now, their partnerships have brought about support to the defense forces of Uzbekistan.

The leadership of the National Guard expressed their joy at the collaboration they have had with the Uzbekistan Defense Ministry. Stating that it has been an excellent move for both countries as they seek to promote peace and unity in the world.

 In response, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the U.S., Javlon Vakhabov emphasized the numerous advantages this partnership brought to his country and added that they would continue to keep this partnership as they forge ahead in the coming years.

 The issues of development and giving adequate protection to both citizens was a key issue of concern during the event. Their ability to protect both nationals who have interchangeably lived together in all the country should be much more paramount. The U.S. strongly desires to protect its nation all where they are, such applies to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan and United States enjoy deep-rooted partnerships and diplomatic ties for the past 30 years since the independence of Uzbekistan.