Washington DC, 1 July 2022 (TDI): The United States of America (US) offered $500,000 in humanitarian assistance to Kiribati through USAID, in response to the drought in Kiribati.

The drought is caused by below-normal rainfall. The continuous climate change impacts made the situation worse.

The droughts are very severe in Kiribati and less than 2.3 inches of rainfall recorded this year in some areas. Consequently, the situation turned into a crisis.

The low level of rainfall affects the lives of the natives also. Thousands of people affected by the drought are the residents of Kiribati. However, the droughts have affected the people of Gilbert Island the most.

The drought has affected nearly 94,000 people on Gilbert Island because the harvesting of the Island is very dependent on the rainwater. Furthermore, the US sympathizes with people who are facing the impacts of drought.

Other USAID partners

United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), a partner of USAID, through this funding, will strengthen the government’s ability to observe groundwater.

The US and US officials in the region collaborated with partners within the region. The US is providing full support to the communities in Kiribati.

To improve preventing and responding capacity, USAID has already offered humanitarian assistance to Kiribati by funding restoration, risk mitigation, and resiliency efforts all through the Pacific.

Kiribati drought crisis
A lot of people have been affected by the severe droughts 

Through the Kiribati Red Cross Society (KRCS), USAID promotes youth mobilization and increases the number of volunteers. This help in improving disaster preparedness.

KRCS also improves its capacity building through the IFRS. In response to all the disasters, the US will endure with the Kiribati community.

USAID will continue to counter the disasters and work with partners to provide immediate assistance in the region.

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