Washington DC, 3 September 2022 (TDI): The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has dispatched a Disaster Assistance Response Team to Pakistan in response to the disastrous flooding.

According to USAID, the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) would lead the US government’s response efforts in Pakistan.

Four members of the team are now on the ground in Pakistan assessing the situation. The team is determining how the United States should engage with the Pakistani government to give further resources.

Additional team members are also en route. Furthermore, the DART will stay active on the ground until USAID determines that all needs have been satisfied.

In addition to activating the DART, US government officials headquartered in the region and Washington, DC are actively monitoring the situation.

It includes any potential consequences the flooding may have on the larger region.

Moreover, USAID has provided $30 million in humanitarian aid in response to the flooding.

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With this funding, USAID will prioritize critically required help for food, nutrition, potable water, enhanced sanitation and hygiene, and shelter assistance.

The flooding in Pakistan has affected an estimated 33 million people, damaged one million homes, and resulted in the loss of nearly 735,000 livestock, which is a major source of livelihood and food.

US and Pakistan Relations

Following Pakistan’s independence in 1947, the United States established diplomatic ties with Pakistan.

Both states collaborate closely with Pakistan on a wide range of issues, including Afghanistan’s stabilization and counterterrorism, energy, trade and investment, health, sustainable energy, and tackling the climate problem.

The United States is one of Pakistan’s greatest sources of foreign direct investment and its largest export market. Moreover, trade and investment relations between the U.S. and Pakistan continue to expand.

The U.S. government supports this growth by organizing business-to-business trade delegations, providing technical assistance, and promoting business opportunities for U.S. firms to develop U.S. and Pakistan commercial partnerships.