Washington DC, 28 June 2022 (TDI): The G7 will deliver an unwavering, unified commitment to support Ukraine and build on our unprecedented sanctions to hold Russia accountable. Sanctions will compound over time to further isolate Russia from the world economy, remarked the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Furthermore, he shared the agenda of the G7 to hit Russia’s military-industrial complex for maximum damage.

Also, the bloc will prevent the central bank’s foreign reserves from propping up the economy of Russia.

He highlighted that the coalition aims to reprive the country from waging its illegitimate war.

Also, he said that America strives for peace and rose to the moment, neglecting the impacts on its economy.

President Biden highlighted complete support for Ukraine and expressed solidarity with the country on the recent attacks on civilians.

G7 actions to support Ukraine 

As demonstrated, the US and its allies and partners will continue to support Ukraine by holding Russia for their atrocities. Earlier, Japan has also imposed sanctions on Russia for institutional support and export of military equipment.

support Ukraine
US President Joe Biden announced that the G7 would take stringent measures to further isolate Russia from the world economy.

Additionally, the G7 leaders are weighing the possibility of utilization of tariff revenues on imports from Russia to support Ukraine.

In addition, the US is also imposing sanctions on the imports of gold from Russia. Also, the group elaborated that Russia must unblock Ukraine’s ports to resume food supply to prevent the global food security crisis.

Appeal from Ukraine 

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has appealed for more heavy weapons from the western allies. He was addressing a session in the G7 via video link.

He stressed immediate action to cease war before the onset of “bitter cold winters.”

The Ukrainian President emphasized extending the sanctions on Russia further. While addressing the US Department of State, President Zelensky stressed to endorse the decision to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.