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US Secretary of Defense welcomes Angola’s Defense Minister 


Pentagon, 29 May 2024( TDI): The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin welcomed Angola’s Defense Minister Joao Ernesto dos Santos at the Pentagon.

Lloyd Austin Conducted a meeting with his Angolan counterpart, aimed to negotiate the growing US-Angola bilateral defense relation, a statement issued by the Department of State.  

The US Secretary of Defense said that Angola is a geostrategic partner of the US and an important leader in the region.

Moreover, he said that Military-to-Military relations between the two states have the potential to grow particularly, strengthening cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and military drills.  


“We are eager to work together to seize this historic opportunity to advance peace, security and responsible, rules-based governance,” Austin said. “And the Department of Defense looks forward to continuing cooperation with Angola by  restructuring and modernising  its armed forces.” 

Two leaders also discussed the upcoming Angola-US Defense Cooperation Committee on 5-6 June 2024 at the Pentagon. Lloyd Austin assured Angolan Defense Minister Joao Ernesto dos Santos that the United States provide ironclad support to Angola to counter the challenge faced by the Angolan government.  

Angolan Defense Minister praised Lloyd Austin for his warm welcome and empathetically said that Angola is a leader among the continent’s nations.

“The geostrategic and geopolitical space that includes Angola requires special attention due to the deep historical, geographical, economic and cultural complexity of the community,” dos Santos told the secretary through a translator. 

In addition,  he said that his country focused on the agenda of conflict prevention and resolution through peaceful means in inter-state dialogue. 

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The outreach to African countries directly follows the American-African Leaders Summit, which President Joe Biden hosted in 2022. During the summit, the president emphatically declared, “Africa’s success is the world’s success.” 

Since that meeting, the United States has continued high-level dialogue with African partners to advance the goals agreed upon by leaders. 

Lloyd Austin made history as the first Secretary of Defense to visit Angola. “I traveled to Angola due to the utmost importance of our defense partnership,” he stated firmly during the meeting.

“I take great pride in all that we have achieved together to enhance our partnership, including maritime security, peacekeeping, defense policy, and more,” he added.

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