Washington DC, 19 April 2023 (TDI): Secretary of the United States (US), Antony J. Blinken recently held a phone call with Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud to discuss the ongoing peace efforts in Yemen and common regional and global priorities.

During the call, US Secretary Blinken and Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud discussed Saudi Arabia’s role in talks with the Houthis and the ongoing peace efforts in Yemen.

The US Secretary emphasized the importance of efforts that will lead to a UN-mediated, Yemeni-Yemeni peace process aimed at achieving a comprehensive settlement of the conflict.

Moreover, he reiterated the US support for these efforts and commended Saudi Arabia’s commitment to peace in the region.

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Both parties also discussed their shared regional and global priorities, including their efforts to bring an immediate end to the fighting in Sudan.

The US Secretary underscored the importance of working together with Saudi Arabia to address critical issues affecting the Middle East region and beyond, in order to promote stability and security.

Moving on, Secretary Blinken also reiterated the US strong commitment to the longstanding partnership with Saudi Arabia, which is based on shared interests and values.

In return, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia welcomed Secretary Blinken’s call and emphasized the Kingdom’s continued dedication to achieving a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Yemen.

He reflected his appreciation for the US support in this regard and for its continued partnership with Saudi Arabia.

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The two leaders also discussed other matters of mutual interest, including the ongoing efforts to combat terrorism and the importance of promoting human rights and democratic values.

So, the call between Secretary Blinken and Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud is a testament to the strong and enduring partnership between the US and Saudi Arabia.

Ongoing Conflict in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen began in 2015 when Houthi rebels seized the capital city of Sanaa and forced the internationally recognized government to flee.

A Saudi-led coalition launched a military intervention in support of the government, leading to years of fighting and a humanitarian crisis that has affected millions of people.

The conflict has been characterized by widespread violence, including airstrikes and ground battles, and has resulted in a high number of civilian casualties.

The humanitarian situation in Yemen has been described as one of the worst in the world, with millions of people facing food insecurity, displacement, and disease.

Efforts to reach a political solution to the conflict have been ongoing for years, with the United Nations (UN) playing a central role in facilitating negotiations.

The main focus has been on achieving a ceasefire and establishing a transitional government that includes all Yemeni factions.

Notably, the US has been actively involved in efforts to resolve the conflict, providing humanitarian aid and supporting diplomatic initiatives aimed at ending the fighting.