Washington DC, 4 January 2023 (TDI): Reportedly, the President of the United States (US), Joe Biden has refused to discuss a Joint Nuclear exercise with South Korea. This contradicts his South Korean counterpart as tensions arise with North Korea.

Earlier, South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol had said that Seoul and Washington are in talks about possible joint exercises using nuclear assets.

President Yoon’s comment was published in a newspaper on Monday, following his call for “war preparation” as North Korea branded the Republic of Korea its “Undoubted Enemy”.

However, William Gallo, a Chief Bureau of Voice of America (VOA) in Seoul, tweeted that “When a reporter asked President Biden at the White House, who just returned from vacation from Virgin Island accompanied by his National Security Advisor, Jack Sullivan, regarding possible joint nuclear exercise with South Korea, He said “No”.

Furthermore, William Gallo also shared an updated statement from the White House, from NSC Spokesperson “As the President said, we are not discussing Joint Nuclear exercises.

It would be extremely difficult to jointly exercise, as Seoul is Non-Nuclear power, but we are looking at enhanced information sharing, joint contingency planning, and an eventual tabletop exercise with allies.”

However, neither side has finalized the tabletop exercise, but that would take place in the near future and cover scenarios beyond nuclear situations. The official said.

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He also said, “The idea is to also try and make sure that we are able to fully think through the range of possibilities based on Democratic People’s republic of Korea capabilities which they have demonstrated, as well as their statements”.

Despite Biden’s comment, Kim Eun-hye insisted that Seoul and Washington are in talks about giving South Korea a bigger role in the operation of US nuclear forces.

She said “both countries are discussing information sharing, joint planning, and subsequent joint implementation plans in relation to the US (nuclear asset), to respond to North Korea’s nuclear threat.

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