Islamabad, 20 March 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) Embassy in Islamabad recently organized the “US-Pakistan Innovation Expo 2023” at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA), to celebrate the 76th anniversary of US-Pakistan Diplomatic Relations.

The purpose of this Expo was to showcase the success stories of US government-sponsored Pakistani startups and encourage further investment in them.

The two-day expo provided a platform for established startups to showcase their business ideas and prototypes, and network with potential US and Pakistani venture capitalists and investors.

The Expo was inaugurated by US Ambassador Donald Blome, who emphasized that promoting inclusive economic growth and increasing trade and investment between the United States and Pakistan is a top priority of the US government.

Furthermore, he also praised the entrepreneurs for their significant contributions to the growth of the startup ecosystem in Pakistan, stating that Pakistan has immense potential, but it needs innovation and technology to take it to the next level.

To mention, the Expo featured a speaker session for venture capitalists and angel investors led by an American expert.

Business leaders and investors from Pakistan, the Middle East, and the United States attended the event to discuss opportunities and challenges in the Pakistani startup ecosystem.

Ambassador Blome cutting a ribbon to inaugurate the US-Pakistan Expo 2023 in Islamabad.

Since 2012, the US Embassy has funded over 181 entrepreneurship-related projects valued at US$ 14.7 million dollars.

To mention, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Ignite National Technology Fund, Asim Shahryar, acknowledged the efforts of the US government in supporting entrepreneurial activities in Pakistan.

In addition to, the Senior Advisor for the Asia Foundation Pakistan, Haris Qayyum, expressed appreciation for the ongoing collaboration with the US Embassy and National Incubation Center to highlight the success of Pakistani startups.

US-Pakistan Innovation Expo spurs investment

The Project Director at the National Incubation Center, Parvez Abbasi, articulated his excitement for the Expo and noted that it is a demonstration of the power of collaboration between the United States and Pakistan.

Also, he thanked all the participants and organizers who made the Expo a success and looks forward to seeing the incredible innovations that will emerge from this partnership.

In a nutshell, the delegates at the Expo showed great enthusiasm for the event and expressed their confidence that it would encourage further investment opportunities and potential trade partnerships between the United States and Pakistan.

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They expressed their desire to see more initiatives like this in the future that support and grow Pakistan’s startup ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs showcasing their innovations at the US-Pakistan Expo 2023 in Islamabad

For the record, the US-Pakistan Innovation Expo was an endorsement of Pakistan’s dynamic tech entrepreneurs and exemplifies Pakistan-US bilateral trade, foreign direct investment, and technological innovation.

The Asia Foundation is committed to collaborative efforts that support Pakistan’s tech ecosystem and sustainable development and inclusive growth.

To conclude, the success of this Expo showcased the immense potential for collaboration and innovation between the United States and Pakistan.