Washington, 19 August 2023 (TDI): The trilateral partnership between Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the US will bolster the strength of the three states and elevate global security, said US President Biden at the end of the trilateral talks between the US, Japan, and South Korea at Camp David on August 18, 2023.

The US has established decades-long, solid bilateral relations with both South Korea and Japan. But building trilateral relations has historically posed difficulty due to persisting challenges in South Korea-Japan relations.

US President Biden commended the political courage and resilience exhibited by both President Yoon and Prime Minister Kishida for their collective efforts to work together.

Biden affirmed that South Korea and Japan are proficient and indispensable allies of the US, and he also emphasized the US’s unwavering commitment to both countries.

Furthermore, Biden stated that enhancing the ties between the three democratic states has long been his priority since the time he was the vice president of the US because if the three countries cooperate then the world is stronger and safer.

He further stated that the three leaders believe this to be a changing point in history as they are to lead the three states in a new direction by working together.

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Security Cooperation

During the meeting, the US, South Korea, and Japan agreed to strengthen defence collaboration which includes launching yearly multi-domain military exercises which would enhance the trilateral defence partnership.

The three states also agreed to enhance information sharing on North Korea’s missile launches and its cyber activities which will assist in strengthening the ballistic missile defense partnership.

Additionally, the states agreed to have a hotline to share information and consult with each other for swift response at the time of crises in the region or any kind of threat posed to one of the countries.

Moreover, the three states proclaimed their resolve to uphold peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and deal with economic coercion.

The three states also agreed to deter threats from North Korea like cryptocurrency, money laundering, and arms export to Russia against Ukraine.

In addition to counter threats from North Korea., the three states affirmed their commitments to uphold and support international law, navigation freedom, and the peaceful resolution of the South China Sea dispute.

President Yoon and Prime Minister Kishida’s Remarks

South Korean President Yoon called Camp David the site for many significant meetings in history.

He noted that Camp David shall be remembered as a significant historic site where South Korea, the US, and Japan affirmed that they will support the international order and perform their role in strengthening regional security and stability based on their shared values of human rights, freedom, and rule of law.

He further added that strong institutional foundations are required for swift coordination between the US, Japan, and South Korea.

Also, challenges to regional security should be resolved through strong resolve of cooperation between the three countries.

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Japanese Prime Minister Kishida stated that the international community is at a changing point in history and for the trilateral cooperation to bear fruit he wishes to use this opportunity to elevate the security partnership between the US, Japan, and South Korea to the next level.

Statement of US Defense Secretary Austin

The US Department of Defense Secretary Austin claimed the meeting as historic and said that “Today’s summit reaffirmed that cooperation among our three countries delivers security and prosperity for our people, the Indo-Pacific region, and the world”.

Lastly, he added that the US relation with ROK and Japan are closer than ever with a common belief in a free and accessible Indo-Pacific region.