Washington DC, 3 April 2023 (TDI): Today, President of the United States (US), Joe Biden issued a proclamation recognizing the month of April 2023 as Arab American Heritage Month.

In the proclamation, Joe Biden recognized the immeasurable contributions of Arab Americans to the US, highlighting their diverse backgrounds and faiths, vibrant tradition, bold innovation, hard work, commitment to community & stalwart patriotism.

Celebrating National Arab American Heritage Month 2023

Furthermore, President Biden celebrated the unique and diverse tapestry of America that has been woven by the contributions of generations of immigrants, including those from the Arab world.

The President also acknowledged the challenges faced by Arab Americans, including prejudice, bigotry, and violence.

He affirmed that hate must have no safe harbor in the country, and he called upon all Americans to learn more about the history, culture, and achievements of Arab Americans and to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities.

Biden highlighted his Administration’s efforts to advance equity for historically underserved communities, including Arab Americans.

Notably, he issued an Executive Order charging the Federal Government with advancing equity and exploring adding a new data category to the census for Middle Eastern and North African communities.

This is a part of the vital work to ensure that Arab Americans are seen, valued, consulted, and properly considered as the new policy is made.

The US called upon all Americans to honor this fundamental value and advance equity and opportunity for all people, affirming once again that diversity is the country’s greatest strength.

Apart from that, Secretary of State, Antony Blinken also stated recognition of this Heritage Month, emphasizing the important role that Arab Americans have played in shaping American society.

Likewise, he noted that the contributions of Arab Americans are as old as the country itself and that this month provides an opportunity to celebrate their culture and achievements.

Also, Blinken highlighted the significant contributions that Arab Americans have made to advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as to business, the arts, and national security.

About National Arab American Heritage Month

National Arab American Heritage Month is a month-long observance held annually in April that celebrates the contributions of Arab Americans to American society, culture, and history.

The celebration was first proclaimed by President Obama in 2014, and it has been observed every year since then.

To mention, the Arab American community is a diverse group of people who come from various ethnic, linguistic, and religious backgrounds, and who have made significant contributions to American society in various fields such as business, politics, art, science, and more.

During this month, the contributions and achievements of Arab Americans are celebrated, and their rich cultural heritage is recognized and honored.

The month-long celebration provides an opportunity for people to learn more about Arab American history, culture, and traditions, as well as the challenges and triumphs of the Arab American community.

It is also a time to promote greater understanding and respect for the diversity of the American people.

Throughout April, there are various events, programs, and activities held across the US to celebrate Arab American Heritage Month, including cultural festivals, concerts, lectures, film screenings, and more.

These events aim to showcase the diversity and richness of Arab American culture, as well as to educate and raise awareness about the contributions of Arab Americans to American society.

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