Washington DC, 3 April 2023 (TDI): President of the United States (US), Joe Biden met with President Alberto Fernández of Argentina at the White House today to discuss a range of issues.

The key topics were related to strengthening democratic institutions, responding to global challenges, and advancing cooperation in key areas of mutual interest.

The two leaders discussed the ongoing Summit for Democracy, with President Biden commending the President of Argentina for his country’s commitment to democratic values and good governance practices.

Also, they reaffirmed their shared commitment to cooperating on efforts to bolster democratic institutions across the region and to work together to tackle challenges to democracy around the world.

Joe Biden also expressed his appreciation for Argentina’s support for Ukraine in the wake of Russia’s invasion, and both leaders committed to continuing to support the people of Ukraine as they rebuild in the aftermath of the conflict.

Argentina’s President Alberto Fernandez met with his US counterpart Joe Biden at the White House

Furthermore, they also discussed the importance of addressing the issue of food security in the region, particularly in light of the impacts of the conflict on agricultural production.

Climate change was also a key topic of discussion, with  Biden commending the President of Argentina for his leadership in tackling this critical issue.

Likewise, the importance of continued cooperation in the energy and critical minerals sectors to promote sustainable development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions was also endorsed.

Both leaders also committed to deepening cooperation on leading-edge technology, including through joint research and development initiatives and collaborations between academic institutions and private sector companies.

They also reiterated their support for reforming multilateral development banks to better address global challenges and committed to working with other G20 countries to advance this important agenda.

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In a nutshell, President Joe Biden and President Fernández of Argentina emphasized the importance of the US-Argentina partnership in promoting peace, security, and prosperity across the Americas and around the world.

Thus, they pledged to continue working together to advance shared goals and to build a brighter future for their citizens and people everywhere.